No Snow

Winter hesitated for a few weeks this early December. And we’ve taken advantage of the long pause before winter to begin, and even complete, a number of outdoor projects.

Trench for water pipe, on the way to the back barn

With visions of animals in the back barn, we have retained our neighbor Tayne to lay a pipe and put in a year-round hydrant. We also decided to focus attention on the front walk. Once Tayne dug a path and laid down eight inches of sand, Mark started moving stones with the tractor.

Looking out from the carriage barn

With stones only movable with the bucket of the tractor (and a front step that I needed to use the winch to lift) piling up in the front yard, we also found time for some early-winter fun as we waited for the first snow to fly.

Ellinore hanging out
Nathaniel test flight

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