Good golly miss Molly!

Our little friend from Maine, Miss Molly, has been in the middle of things all week–at least since Bill and Rachel and Nica and Sam headed back to Maine sans Molly.

There is no debate here that Miss Molly has got game. On Saturday she went for a long walk with Mark and Rebecca in the dark evening woods and came back so wet and muddy she needed a warm bath in the kitchen sink. On Sunday she walked down the creek and chased a stick (well, many sticks) for hours as we sliced up the huge rounds of a beech tree. (A whining chain saw effectively eliminating the yaps of our favorite little bichon frise.) On Monday she once again headed down the creek where Mark and Rebecca and Ellinore were splitting wood all afternoon and, once again, chased a stick (well, many sticks) for hours as we split and tossed into the trailer two full loads of freshly-split, sweet-smelling beech. And on Tuesday she headed out for a walk with Rebecca in the pre-dawn darkness and then barked at a snow shovel for an hour in the afternoon.

Ellie working the splitter

As I write Molly is sleeping on the couch. Who knows what she will be up to tomorrow!

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