Presence and Absence and Presence

We had a snowstorm in the fall, about 10 inches. Then we had a flurry here and flurry there. There was a squall one day and a squall another day. It was cold and then it was warm. Then it was warm and then it was cold.

Mackie, Ellie and friends riding the ski train at Grafton Ponds

Presence and absence and presence: last week it snowed about 10 inches and it seemed, for a day or two, as if it were winter. But then, a warm air mass slipped north and in a single day of warm wind the snow was gone. Happily, we managed to get out on skis. Ellinore had more days on snow than all of us: she skied most Tuesdays in January and February on the trails at Grafton Ponds with her Grammar School buddies. The skis are still leaning against the carriage barn and yet March is well on its way and the forecast is for warm days next week.

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