One Hundred Days

The seniors at NMH are counting the days. Parking privileges have been extended (most important things first), kids are locking in their plans for next year (stay tuned), and the academic and athletic work continues. AP Calculus and AP economics is keeping the boy up at night and he is reading (enjoying) Crime and Punishment in senior English. Today Nan is off to play one of the top teams in the the prep school league this year, Phillips Exeter, and next week it is off to Andover. Whether Nan will end up laying some kind of club hockey in college is an open question, though for now we are celebrating a great run of ice hockey this senior year.

Nan releasing a wrist shot from the point on a power play
Moving the puck through the neutral zone
Nan gathering the puck
slap shot from near the bottom of the circle
gathering the puck again

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