Two Days in Panjim

So we do end up in Panjim, a city along the Mandovi River, and for two days Mark can’t take his eyes off the waves breaking on a sandbar far out in the middle of the river. Panjim (or Pangim, in the Portuguese, or Ponnjé in Konkani), also known as Panaji, is the capital of Goa.

On our way from South Goa our driver slows sharply in crowded traffic and a small car slams into the back of us. The small car is in terrible shape and our necks are a bit sore. But we are soon in another car and on our way leaving our driver (a wonderful guy) and the driver of the small car (who we suspect had been drinking) to deal with the police.

For two days, then, we find our way to fabulous food and enjoy walking the narrow streets in the city, the busy 18th June Road, the Kala Art and Culture Academy along the banks of the river, and morning walks and runs on the lovely Miramar beach near the mouth of the river.

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