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At the final home game of the Keene High Blackbird’s ice hockey season our very own Nathaniel found his way to the penalty box. The call: boarding. Known affectionately as “Nan” by most of the high school, our very own sat in the penalty box for two minutes as play continued. About 20 or 30 seconds into the penalty, the stands-filled with high school students out to support their team–began chanting “free Todd Long, free Todd Long, free Todd Long.”

Nathaniel drifting back on defense, steering the offensive player out of the middle

Nathaniel’s first year at high school rolls along with the semester grades in (high honors!) and a season on the varsity ice hockey team now in the books. After a very promising start the team began losing to hungrier teams (no more skilled) and the puck refused to bounce our way. We also did not play as well as the season unfolded and six or so one goal games led to a string of losses that culminated in a 1-4 loss against Kingswood last night in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Ellinore captured a few images from the Blackbird season with her new camera in rinks that were for the most part poorly lit and challenging for our favorite middle-school photographer.

The Blackbirds on defense: Paulie in goal, "Westy" and Issac on defense

The privilege of ice time on a varsity team was not lost on Todd Long and he played a strong season as he compiled the experience playing against bigger and stronger juniors and seniors.

Number 21, Nathaniel Todd Long, lined up at a face off

Since December the team has been practicing most every day at 3 with games on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The last week, during winter break at the high school, the team played 4 games to wrap up the 2011-12 season.

Time out for the Blackbirds
Nan protecting the puck on the half boards
Celebrating a goal and taking the lead
Hand shakes all around at the end of another game

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