More or Less Molly

The story is that Molly is heading back to Maine this weekend and that is good new for the cats who have established residence in the upstairs rooms for over a week. Haley has made a few attempts at getting out of doors, but alas it has been bitterly cold this week and so his forays out of doors have been not only furtive but brief.

Molly shadow dancing on a January afternoon

So we are thinking about less Molly in our lives. At the same time, she has worked her way into our rhythms here at Water Run Farm–more or less–and we are feeling that we are going to miss Molly, or “houndy” as her family calls her–the superstar bichon frise.

As it happens, with a few sub-zero nights, the horses blankets have come out of the bin and ice has finally formed on the surface of the pond. today, in fact, we saw the brook trout swimming below the ice as we were out skating.

Dog and shadow with ball

Unfortunately the weather pattern has shifted and warm ocean currents in the Pacific have generated major storms that never make their way to us. We have yet to wax the skis, as only one night of snow left merely four or five inches of snow on the fields around the house.

Molly making her way from stone to stone at the outlet to the pond

Happily, with the cold has come ice: and afternoons this week have been occupied with cutting circles in the ice and shooting hockey pucks at an empty net.

The pond after a skating session
Another cold and beautiful winter afternoon at Water Run Farm

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