Group photo from the Cordillera de los Frailes

In a recent blog post Nathaniel responded to the question, Why Do We Trek? “Trekking for me isn´t about the destination or how far I travel, it is about the journey. What we see, who we choose to spend the time with, and the sights we focus on all contribute to making the journey special and unique. I have chosen, rather than to think about how much farther there is to travel, to enjoy the moment and engage with the people and environment around me. By doing this, the experiences I have are much more memorable and have a much larger impact on me. Over the past four days, the journey through El Cordillera de los Frailes has given me many incredible views, interesting new people, and the opportunity to get to know the great group that I will be spending the next three months with.”

And here is the update on Nathaniel’s trip from his instructor team: “The group is back from our 4 day trek in the picturesque Cordillera de los Frailes. Our local guide Rogelio taught so much about the rich history and culture of the region. He showed us ancient cave paintings and taught us about local plants and textiles. For the next 9 days we’ll be in the small town of Tiquipaya, just outside Cochabamba. During our time in Tiquipaya students will be diving into small group intensive Spanish lessons, independent study projects (weaving, cooking, traditional dance, etc) and learning from local experts on a wide range of issues facing Bolivia (politics, history, Andean spirituality, etc). From Tiquipaya we’ll head to Peru for our epic Amazon excursion.”

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