The House by the Side of the Road


At the house by the side of the road it is July. And on this July morning Ellinore’s bowl of granola happens to be the largest bowl of granola I have ever seen. The bowl (a large salad bowl) was full of maple nut granola and more blueberries than I have ever seen in a bowl of granola.


The berries are on a roll. Mark managed to get the nets up, with the help from the kids, before heading off to Idaho. And we are picking blues for breakfast for sure, but also for the winter months when a smoothie or a pancake batter become better with the blue of our berries. IMG_0309

With a late planting the garden has been slow to emerge. But by mid-July the potatoes are hilled and the garlic is drying in the barn and the spinach has gone to seed.

Onions, shallots, basil, broccoli
July New Hampshire harvest
Just another lunch at the house by the side of the road
Sliced radishes pickling
Rebecca’s bánh mì thịt

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