South Goa

Near Mabor Beach
Mabor Beach

Four days and four nights of all one could ask for if one were looking for a calm beach with palm trees and green headlands and a warm sea. Though one of us notes the absence of surf, we are out on the beach mornings and evenings walking or running or swimming between meals of wonderful food and sleep under a spinning fan. Naps, too, and a little yoga and massage.

Mark following our two self-appointed guides on the way to the river mouth
Rebecca and our guides
Evening swimming near Cavelissimo
Jelly on the beach

Our plans for the next week include connecting with Rachel’s cousin for dinner and two more nights somewhere in south or central Goa. We are leaning toward spending some time in the capital city of Panjim. At the point of writing this, we don’t know. What we do know is that we will arrive on the campus of BITS Pilani on the evening of the 8th of October for the three day conference on Ecoethics.

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