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Mark Goes Skiing

With the snowpack in the Sierra at record levels, bringing back memories of the great 1982-83 season, Mark could not stay away …

The Sword of Damocles

Precarious indeed for walkers and drivers alike, a reminder to keep confidence and hubris in check as eighteen inches of snow fall …

Ellinore’s Eye

This fall semester Ellinore took a digital photography class. Looking at her collection of images I am once again reminded of all …

Winter Break

Home ice and kids at home over the holiday break make for smiles all around.

In full swing

A quick report on the ice hockey season, now well  underway. Both Ellie and Nan have been on the ice for a …

Susie is Lucy

As the title of this post suggests, our border collie Susie is now our border collie Lucy.

Bring it on

Winter has arrived here at Water Run Farm. Six inches last week. Then another eight inches.  And we are grateful for the snow …