Ellinore’s Eye

This fall semester Ellinore took a digital photography class. Looking at her collection of images I am once again reminded of all that we miss as we go about our daily lives. Most of our existence never does fall into focus, after all, most of what we experience neither comes into our consciousness nor is recorded in the chronicle we end up telling ourselves is life.

We miss most of it. And so I have always thought that one can learn a lot about the world, and one’s place in it, by focusing a lens on the world around you. Things become things. By falling into focus, we see the world that is always already there. There is, after all, a there there.

Ellie made hundreds of images with her camera and these are a few of them.

The lesson is that there is more and more than meets the eye.

Ellie also worked as a photographer for the student newspaper at NMH, The Bridge.

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