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How to Build a Sauna

The boards arrive, western red cedar, 11/16″ thick, kiln-dried, to be specific; and the sweet smell of cedar is incentive for Mark …

Autumn Harvest

When we first moved to this farm, Mark spent some time in the Cheshire County Historical Society scrolling through microfilm reproductions of …

Odocoileus virginianus

Earlier this season we had a doe come in with two barely-standing fawns and, one day in May, while moving a fence, …

Microbial Cultures

It’s fermentation time at Water Run Farm. With the garlic harvested, and drying in the barn, the blueberries picked and flash frozen, …

Sunrise Service

One of the great things about being eighteen is that you can get up at 3 AM and hike to the summit …

On the Move

Ellinore graduated in the class of 2017 at Northfield Mt. Hermon School and is headed to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.  

Senior on the Ice

We still get goosebumps here at Water Run Farm when we look at the photographs from the USA Hockey national Championships last …


Some questions keep coming up, no matter how many times they are asked.

Third Person Rural

Some moments in the days of the lives of the people who live at Water Run Farm.